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Dec 13, 2020
18. Timothy Ely Part 2, Bookbinder and artist at
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Welcome to Episode 18 of Stationery Orbit where we are all here to learn more about creative letter writing, I’m your host John West and today’s episode is the continued discussion with Timothy Ely. He is an author of a multitude of art books and he has two softcover books available. We will be talking about ink manufacture and ways to use his art techniques to level up your creative letter writing.

You can find his two softcover books on Amazon and they are:

Flight into Egypt

and 8 Books

 You can commission new works, and find reproduction prints on his website A Planetary Collage

 The documentary for Tim’s art book, Line of Sight 

01:09 Do you have a favorite snail mail embellishment?

07:52 Can you tell us about the chemistry/physics/engineering you have to consider when you make an ink?

Tim Lee’s folded pens 

Ruling Pens

10:05 Do you have a favorite fountain pen ink?

De Atrementis Document Black

Noodler’s Dark Matter

Book of Kells

Grumbacher Paint

Andrew Wyeth

Formulas for painters

On food and cooking – Harold McGee

15:46 What is your favorite pen? 

Rotring Rapidiograph

Rotring Art Pen

Waterman Fountain Pens

17:54 Can you share one technique with the listeners that you think will elevate their snail mail?

25:28 Are there artists that you think are doing amazing work that stationery lovers need to know about? 

Lebbeus Woods or Einsteins Tomb

Asemic writing

Eduardo Paolozzi

Christopher Finch – pop art book

Joseph Cornell

Ray Johnson

Robert Allen Jensen

29:00 What is your favorite purchase (stationery or not) in the last 6 months?

Colorplan paper from Talas

Perspective guides graph paper notebook

Field Notes

A Planetary Collage


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