Alycia Asai, Civics and Coffee, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
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I love coffee and I love history. Which is why, when I stumbled on the podcast of our next guest, I knew I had found something good. Alycia Asai is the host and producer of  Civics and Coffee, a podcast about The people, events and topics of United States history, shared in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.

According to Alycia, unlike a lot of other history based podcasts, she keeps her episodes short and sweet - giving her listeners their history in the time it takes to drink their morning cup of coffee, usually under 15 minutes. She has a Bachelor's Degree in History and considers herself a history nerd, but not a guru. When she’s not researching episodes, she’s planning vacations - although not so much with COVID. Today we geek out with Alycia who tells us about her favorite history, it’s a dark one about a devastating fire in 1911, the events of which were responsible for major changes in US regulations surrounding safety in the workplace.


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David von Drehle (Author), Triangle: The Fire That Changed America Paperback,

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