The Invisible Threat: Unraveling Toxemia's Role in Modern Diseases with Mike Van Thielen
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Join us in this eye-opening episode of our podcast as we dive deep into the world of toxemia with the multifaceted expert, Mike Van Thielen. From his journey transitioning from physical therapy to acupuncture and finally earning a Ph.D., Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on how accumulated toxins in our bodies are the root cause of many modern diseases.

Key Topics:

Toxemia Explained: Discover how toxins from our environment, food, and even electromagnetic radiation (EMR) contribute to a range of health issues, from inflammation to chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The Power of Purification: Learn about the transformative effects of regular fasting, antioxidants, and environmental clean-up in combating toxemia.

Boosting Immunity, Naturally: Mike sheds light on natural ways to enhance your immune system, including the benefits of glutathione, astragalus, quercetin, and more.

Cryotherapy & Sauna: Understand how extreme temperatures can be your ally in strengthening your immune response.

The Role of Sleep: Uncover the critical connection between sleep and toxin management in our bodies.

EMR's Impact: A deep dive into electromagnetic radiation and its subtle yet significant effects on our health.

Environmental Clean-Up: Practical steps to detoxify your living space for better health.
Special Segments:

MVT's Insights: Explore Mike's online resources, including his take on supplements and the IZOD Method.
Eternel – A New Horizon: A glimpse into the future of health and wellness with Mike's innovative approaches.

Why Listen:
This episode is not just a conversation; it's a journey into understanding the unseen forces that impact our health daily. Whether you're a health enthusiast, someone struggling with chronic conditions, or just curious about the interplay between our environment and our bodies, this episode with Mike Van Thielen is an essential listen. Discover practical steps to cleanse your body and environment, and learn how to take control of your health in a world full of invisible threats.

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