Finding the Source of Pain Through Movement Patterns with Rick Olderman
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On this episode of the Pain & Performance Podcast, we dive into the big WHY that Rick Olderman has dedicated his career to - Why do people develop chronic pain?

Rick Olderman a Physical Therapist for more than 25 years, realized that our medical model could not adequately help chronic pain patients, so he dove deep into the research. You'll learn:
- How our beliefs affect treatment in healthcare
- How do we better identify the underlying cause of someone's pain?
        - Hint its not only based on an MRI, x-ray, or scan
- How to identify the cause of low back pain and dysfunction
- 2 simple ways to "turn your glutes on"
- How the position of the shoulder can be causing or perpetuating neck pain
- Why a great hands-on assessment is a secret to treating and resolving chronic pain
- When we need surgery and how do we make the outcome better
- Where Rick has combined knowledge from multiple sources to come up with his thoughts about systemic pain, functional movement, and habits

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