BioHacking Strength, Fitness & Aging with Dustin Baker
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Strength and Fitness are a huge part of health and aging but changing these is often much deeper than just workout harder and eat better. All muscle and physiological changes comes from hormone release. If we are not getting the hormone production we need we will not get the changes we want. In this episode, learn how you can test for the right things to help you build strength, muscle & fitness while slowing aging.
- Health and Performance benefits of growth hormone
- How the body releases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and its regulating factors
        - Stimulated by low levels of circulating IGF-1
        - It’s a peptide hormone that comes from cholesterol
- How does HGH relate to testosterone and IGF-1
- How does HGH actually work inside our body
- What tests would one run to check their active HGH levels?
- What are the implications that someone may see if they are not producing HGH correctly? Bone strength? Aging? Energy? Brain health, dementia, other organs? etc.
- Misconceptions about the safety of HGH?
        - Cancers?
- Great ways to increase GH
        - Intermittent fasting
        - Prolonged fasting? 1800%
        - Stress
        - Sleep
        - Strength?
- Lifestyle changes, medication and supplementation?


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