Tim James - Treating Cancer, Preventing Disease and Improving Health
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On the podcast today Tim James takes us through his experience of watching and helping a friend rediscover health during his cancer crisis. He explains the changes he's made in his own life since this experience and the growth he's made in his business trying to spread the word. 
Tim started ChemicalFreeBody.com after years of studying living food diets, high oxygen diets and going through his own healing crisis. 
We get into:

  • The effects of a true detoxification program
  • Chemicals found in our bloods stream and studies done on umbilical cord blood testing
  • How to reverse bioaccumulation of environmental toxins
  • Tim's experience with his friend Charles at the Hippocrates Health Institute and the effects on Charles' cancer
  • How Tim lost 42 lbs. in sixty days
  • Tim's amazing green juice ingredients and the effects of two green juices everyday
  • What you should be doing to create a living food diet
  • Why Tim began working with cancer patients
  • How to improve your cell function and measure that function
  • What food type increases your biophotons the most
  • Uncommon pain and inflammatory causes
  • The best type of water to drink
  • Top 3 Ways to improve your sleep
  • The effects of Sauna

www.chemicalfreebody.com (Code Pain for 5% off!)
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