These Are The Big Things Coming In 2022!
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Today’s episode is going to talk about our twenty twenty-two plans, seeing as it is January twenty twenty-two, let's lay out what is Invictus Capital's plan for the next year.

Its going to be a fun conversation because there's a lot of things. The last two years since we formed in 2019, it's been a crazy roller coaster of growth and just a lot of fun.

We are hiring an Invictus Capital. So for twenty twenty-two, we have a lot of goals, a lot of growth goals that it requires really awesome rock star people, reach out!

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[00:01 – 06:49] Bad Investing Advice: In Order To Make Big Money, You Need To Be Contrarian

[06:50  – 14:21] Growth With Tripling Our Assets

[14:22 – 16:24] Getting Into Live Events And Live To Teach

[16:25 – 19:20] Behind The Scenes With Gino Barbaro

[19:21 – 27:32] We Are Starting A Fund! 

[27:33 – 31:20] Book Recommendation And Final Thoughts

Simple Numbers 2.0: Rules for Smart Scaling: A Play by Play Analysis for Pure Growth

"The thing with being the contrarian that people often forget is that you have to be contrarian and right. It does, you know, good to be contrarian and wrong." Anthony Vicino

"It's like the curse of competence, like in a job where you get promoted to the highest level of your incompetence, right? Where if you're a great salesperson, if you're the top sales guy, you probably get to the sales manager." – Anthony Vicino

"What you need to have in order to be a contrarian is a good thesis for going against the herd. You don't want to just go against the herd for the sake of going against the herd. " - Dan Krueger

"It's not about money, really, it's just about building an awesome machine.” - Dan Krueger

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