Should You Invest In A Fund?
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For today’s episode, we will be discussing a quite popular topic in the investing community, Funds. 

Funds in the past 2 years have been seeing a lot more growth. There will be fund opportunities in the future, it is better to understand what they are, who they're best served for, and whether or not it's a good vehicle

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[00:01 – 15:52] Opening Segment

  • Bad investing tips
  • Discussing what speculation can be considered as
  • Keeping a decision journal

[15:53 – 25:06  Let Us Talk About Funds

  • What is a fund?
  • Blind Funds
  • Jumping into a Fund as your first investment?

[25:06 – 30:59] Fund of Funds Model

  • Double fees?
  • Getting into high hurdles and dealing with wholesalers
  • Hedge fund model?

[30:59 – 38:50] Closing Segment

  • Book recommendation

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“And let's be clear, there's a difference between investing in something you don't understand and speculating. You could speculate on something you understand quite well.” – Dan Kreuger

“money and your finances are too important to outsource. I'm sorry. There's not a world where I'll ever say that you should take a complete hands-off passive approach and just trust somebody else" – Anthony Vicino

"the first thing that's really valuable about a fund for an operator is that you get to have the money already in the account." – Anthony Vicino

"I feel like it's kind of like it depends on what your personality is, you know" – Dan Kreuger

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