How to Lose Money with Paul Moore
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Our guest for today has co-founded a staffing firm where he was a finalist for Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year, two years straight. After selling the staffing firm to a publicly-traded company, our guest began investing in real estate, founded multiple investment and development companies, appeared on HDTV, and eventually built and managed a successful multifamily development.

Let’s dive right in and learn from Paul Moore and how we can get into a multi-family deal.

[00:01 – 12:38] Opening Segment 

  • We introduce our guest, Paul Moore
  • Paul talks about his background

[12:39 – 23:03] Finding The Ways To Lose Money

  • Paul talks about his background
  • What’s their worst investing advice? 

[23:04 – 31:45] Compressing Cap Rates And Loving Real Estate

  • Paul shares his experiences as a multifamily investor
  • He talks about underwriting the operation side 
  • Discovering that loving real estate is a Full-Time job

[31:46 – 37:22] Believing in the Jockey!

  • Put your time into finding the right people
  • Investing in Operators with skin in the game

[37:23 – 41:53] Closing Segment

  • Vetting Operators
  • Final thoughts
  • Paul's book recommendations:

Hands-Off Investor

Tweetable Quotes:

“I thought, man, I'm a full-time investor now, but I really wasn't an investor at all. I was a full-time speculator and I lost a lot of money and I made a lot of money as well, thankfully.” – Paul Moore

“look for intrinsic value that greatly exceeds the extrinsic value.” – Paul Moore

"make sure you quit early, make sure you don't keep going when you know you're on the wrong path." - Paul Moore

"Well, a great commercial real estate operator can see what a property. Could be before he acquires it." - Paul Moore

Resources Mentioned:

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The Five Rules of Investing

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