Best XLR Cables (Often A Weak Link)
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The Todd V Show
The Todd V Show
Todd V
Verbal Game To Meet Girls Who Are Working
*YOU MUST LISTEN IF YOU WANT TO* * *Learn how to improve your verbal game* * *Understand how to use your verbals to frame interactions with hired guns* * *Know how best to communicate with your girlfriend or wife in difficult situations * * * *SHOW NOTES* * *2:00 Having the “what are we?” conversation* * *4:40 What are the best ways to verbally communicate your true inner feelings about your partner?* * *7:05 How to express a desire for a change in your partner’s behavior without offending them or starting a fight* * *7:40 The concept of the “feedback sandwich” * * *13:30 Addressing habits and setting precedents with women* * *14:00 How to deal with being flaked on* * *20:20 How do I verbally game hired guns?* * *22:15 Quick note on immersions and live programs going forward* * *31:00 How to take advantage of the situation to have a smooth opener* * *33:45 Todd’s strip club results throughout his game career and how to establish frames with hired guns* * *39:10 A warning about gaming strippers* * *42:00 How to close hired guns* * *44:30* *An early-college story from Todd's game career* * *47:55 How to change your game based on the venue and situation* * * *QUOTES* * *“I do believe in having an open discussion about the relationship. I do believe having an agreed-upon idea of what the rules are and what the contract of the relationship is is actually not only important but actually of primary importance - actually central to what a relationship is.” (3:30)* * *“If you address things early enough before they’re a big deal you don’t have to address them later when they are a big deal.” (12:55)* * *“Opening and closing are the two least favorable parts of game because they’re the two parts where you need to be mildly needy.” (27:45)* * *“Get rid of this idea that you have a standard opener you must say in all situations, that’s not the case.” (31:23) * * *"It doesn't matter so much if they've decided if they like you romantically, you just want them to have decided they like hanging out with you and that they would like to continue it." (40:22)* *CONNECT WITH TODD…* *Verbal Game Academy:*** *WEBSITE:*** *YOUTUBE 1:*** *YOUTUBE 2:*** *FACEBOOK:*** *INSTAGRAM:*** *Submit a question for the podcast:*
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Animation Industry Podcast
Animation Industry Podcast
Animation Industry Podcast
Episode 88: Flora Martyr Shares Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Rotoscoping
This episode features UK-based independent rotoscoper Flora Martyr who shares her process to create pristine rotoscope animations. You’ll also learn: *What type of stories are best told through rotoscoping vs other forms of animation *How large the market is for rotoscoped animation *3 of the best rotoscoped animations to take inspiration from ~[Sponsored Message]~ GET YOUR FREE HUE HD PACKAGE HERE: HUE HD offers an all-in-one starter kit for kids around 7 to 13 years old when it come to animation. Their kit creates an easy and fun way to learn key animation techniques including claymation, lip-synching and rotoscoping. The kit includes a colourful HUE HD camera, with a bendy gooseneck, built-in microphone and manual focus. It also includes their easy-to-use animation software has great features such as onion skinning and time lapse, and kids can record their own voices to bring their animations to life. On top of this is the HUE Book of Animation, which takes you step-by-step through how to create your own stop-motion videos and learn the principles of animation like squash and stretch. Plus, you can download free sound effects, a storyboard template and backgrounds to give your videos added magic! HUE’s kits, cameras, book, and resources are available from: *HUE's website: *Amazon: GET YOUR FREE HUE HD PACKAGE HERE: The package includes a Storyboard template, a sample background for your next claymation, a short instructional video on how to squash and stretch a simple character with clay, and even a super cute printable phenakistoscope of a rat going into a hole. ~ Flora Martyr is moving image artist and photographer, based in Lancashire (UK). She produces her films through the Dot Dot Dash Dot banner, specialising in rotoscope animation. Her work is often experimental using a number of different media to create colour, texture and pattern. She take a structural approach to my work and explore a number of themes such as existentialism, the act of being and the mundane. Check out Flora’s work at: * * Check out these 3 inspirational rotoscoped films: *Waking Life: *Tower: *Undone:
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