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Animation Industry Podcast
Animation Industry Podcast
Animation Industry Podcast
Episode 89: Colette Peri's Top Tips On Starting and Managing Your Own Stop Motion Animation Business
This episode features Stop Motion Animator Coco Peri on how she began and manages her own stop motion animation business. You’ll also learn: *How Coco deals with anxiety as an artist *How to know what to charge for your services *The (unexpected) number one way to push your business to the next level ~[Sponsored Message]~ GET YOUR FREE HUE HD PACKAGE HERE: PASSWORD: AIPodcastPerks HUE HD offers an all-in-one starter kit for kids around 7 to 13 years old when it come to animation. Their kit creates an easy and fun way to learn key animation techniques including claymation, lip-synching and rotoscoping. The kit includes a colourful HUE HD camera, with a bendy gooseneck, built-in microphone and manual focus. It also includes their easy-to-use animation software has great features such as onion skinning and time lapse, and kids can record their own voices to bring their animations to life. On top of this is the HUE Book of Animation, which takes you step-by-step through how to create your own stop-motion videos and learn the principles of animation like squash and stretch. Plus, you can download free sound effects, a storyboard template and backgrounds to give your videos added magic! HUE’s kits, cameras, book, and resources are available from: *HUE's website: *Amazon: GET YOUR FREE HUE HD PACKAGE HERE: PASSWORD: AIPodcastPerks The package includes a Storyboard template, a sample background for your next claymation, a short instructional video on how to squash and stretch a simple character with clay, and even a super cute printable phenakistoscope of a rat going into a hole. ~ More about Colette Peri: Colette (Coco) Peri is an entrepreneur who weaves magic into the threads of advertisements, marketing strategies, and everyday life. She is on a mission to empower people to unlock their creativity, awaken their imagination, and inspire them to take risks in pursuing what they love. *Follow Coco on Instagram: *Sign up for the waitlist to Coco’s course:
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Mark McC
Alright - welcome to My 90s music podcast - the podcast where I talk to the people who lived, loved and were in the eye of the storm of the best decade ever - the glorious 90s. Today I speak to a composer and Saxophonist Steve Hamilton who is a recording and touring member of NGHFB and has also recorded with Radiohead and toured with Blur. He also has played with Amy Winehouse, The Auteurs, Beyonce, Bono, The Beloved, Madness, The Pet Shop Boys, The Wildhearts, Snowboy, Roger Daltrey, Stereo Lab and Stevie Wonder. He famously missed out on playing with Frank Sinatra but tells us all about that. Sorry Steve. Superb to chat to Steve Hamilton on today’s episode. He is a genuinely talented individual and very humble about what he has achieved in his life. Excited to hear what he does next especially with Noel and the HFB which should be very soon by all accounts. Thanks to Katy M for connecting us - really appreciate it! You are a superstar. Do go to Steve’s website which is to find out more about him and his work. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. I hope that it filled you with as much joy, nostalgia and happiness that it did for me. Please do share this podcast with your 90s obsessed friend and follow me on @my90smusicpodcast on facebook and twitter and @my90smusicpod on instagram Lastly please do go to Mixcloud to hear my 90s based radio show, just search for supersonic 90s radio show. Until next time, Keep it 90s. Over and out
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