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Born to Impact
Born to Impact
Joel Marion
How to Give Life-Changing Gifts, Feat. John Ruhlin, with Joel Marion – BTI 84
Get ready for a fascinating conversation with John Ruhlin! Today, John Ruhlin joins us to discuss Giftology, the science of gift-giving. John Ruhlin is the founder of Giftology and the world’s leading authority on maximizing relationships and loyalty, both personal and business, through radical generosity. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Giftology” and a highly sought after keynote speaker. John and Giftology have been featured in and on Fox News, Forbes, Fast Company, Ink Magazine, and the New York Times. A short list of John’s many clients include: Raymond James, the Chicago Cubs, and Caesars Palace. Even more, John is a loyal husband, a loving father of four, an amazing friend, and an all-around stellar human being living out a Born to Impact life firsthand. In this episode, we discuss: -Why gifts are so important -How to build your relationship plan -How to avoid giving bad gifts -Why unexpected gifts are best -The “look before you leap” of gift-giving And so much more. John’s story will inspire you, encourage you, and pull you even closer to living the life you were born to live ... don't miss it. Even more, be sure to subscribe to the Born to Impact podcast to ensure you get notified as new episodes release each week! After listening, connect with John on Instagram @JohnRuhlin, and be sure to check out Giftology at
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Thinking Critically
Thinking Critically
Intelligent Speculation
#21: Outrage Culture
In this episode, the rest of the Intelligent Speculation team and I are discussing outrage culture. We discuss: •What exactly outrage culture is. •How humans are easily overcome by their emotions and that the media, politicians, etc. know this and use it as means to capture our attention. •How people have stopped listening to each other and, consequently, this has lead to a breakdown in civil discourse. •That having access to all of this information through our smart devices exacerbates outrage as you are constantly exposed to sensationalized headlines. •How the echo chambers of social media reinforce outrage culture and, in general, severely disrupts critical thinking as you can no longer evaluate the nuances of the issue. •That emotions aren't inherently bad, but you must learn to control them and understand how they are influencing you in the moment. •Why it's so hard for people to admit that they're wrong. •And other topics. You can find out more about us here: You can find Gaurav's articles here: You can find Garrett's articles here: You can find Patrick's articles here: This podcast is supported and produced by Final Stretch Media. Final Stretch believes in creating something that disrupts attention spans and challenges the marketing status quo. They do this by creating high quality visual content that captivates your audience. You can find them on: Facebook: Instagram: This show is also supported by QuikLee; the creators of Brain Racers. The world's first brain ever live racing competition for the brain. Download their app and play live this weekend on an iOS device against the world. I have raced and it is awesome. If you are in the top 10, you have a chance to win money. See you there! App download:
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Casey Zander Health
Casey Zander Health
Casey Zander Health
No Nut November Nofap Kickoff (SUCCESS TRAIN)
This is how you succeed with nofap. LINKS: [Book Call With ANDRE HERE to Potentially Work With Casey] [Men Needing to Fix Their Marriage/Committed Relationship Book A Call With Casey Here] [Learn Casey’s Secret “MBT System” to Attract ANY WOMAN You Desire] [Get “NLOR” (Never Left on Read) Casey’s Secret Attraction/Female Dynamic Course Since 2017] [Get Casey’s Zero Cardio Shred Program HERE to Build a Masculine Physique] -$2 Mini Courses Below- What it Truly Takes to Win with Women Mini Course 1%ER Game “High Value Secrets” Mini Course Bad Boy Starter Pack Mini Course Texting With Seduction Mini Course NLOR Lite Edition Relationship Dynamics Field Guide Daddy Energy Guide “High Testosterone Secrets” Men’s Community $13/Month Facebook Group to Interact With Casey --- Support this podcast:
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