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I consistently recommend having your WordPress site separate from your podcast host. I wanted to go a little deeper and give you my full list of recommendations...

My Recommended WordPress Hosts:

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YouTube Creators Hub
YouTube Creators Hub
Dusty Porter
225: Don't Get Caught Up With The Numbers With Tee From TechnicallyTee
225: Don't Get Caught Up With The Numbers With Tee From TechnicallyTee This week we are joined by Tee from the TechnicallyTee About Tee and TechnicallyTee Tee has always been a tech enthusiast since he can remember. He publishes content about anything tech-related. Whether that be unboxing videos, video reviews, tutorials, you name it, he’s probably got it! Tee has a regular nine-to-five job but yet still manages to create amazing videos and content across the board. Listen to Tee’s great story on this podcast “Don’t Get Caught Up With The Numbers”. Go here if you want to submit your YouTube Channel to be a potential guest on the podcast. Connect With Tee Here: YouTube /// Instagram /// Twitter /// Facebook Support the show on Patreon here for day-to-day interaction with myself and the community on discord. If you want to send me your products or merchandise please send it here: Dusty Porter P.O. Box 7028 Chestnut Mtn. GA 30502 Links Discussed In This Episode Follow Me On Twitch Here Canon 70D – A Fantastic Camera at a great price. TubeBuddy – A tool that makes your YouTube Life EASIER and Helps grow your channel. Screenflow — A fantastic Screen Recording software for Mac to create beautiful screencast videos. Adobe Audition — Audio editing software. Support The YouTube Creators Hub Podcast Here: If this podcast is bringing you value SUPPORT THE SHOW AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: TubeBuddy – A tool that makes your YouTube Life EASIER and Helps grow your channel. Patreon – Get Your Channel Featured On The Show AND Access to an exclusive YouTube Creators Facebook Group AudioHero – A Fantastic source for copyright-free music to use with your content. The Netflix of AUDIO. Use our Code CREATOR at checkout for a special promotional price. Bluehost – If you need a website use this link to get a Free Domain Name and a great deal on hosting
32 min
Bokeh - The Photography Podcast
Bokeh - The Photography Podcast
Nathan Holritz
#431: How to Generate Extra Income with Mini Sessions - Rebecca Rice
Have you set your mini sessions up to be as profitable as your regular sessions? In episode 431 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rebecca Rice joins us to break down how she's structured her mini sessions to allow her to successfully up-sell additional digitals after the session! Listen in as she shares four steps to successful mini sessions, along with how to approach your marketing strategy. The Bokeh Podcast is brought to you by Photographer’s Edit: Custom Editing for the Professional Photographer and Miilu: The Simplest Way to Create and Manage Timelines and Shot Lists for the Events You're Photographing. You can also subscribe to the Bokeh podcast on the Apple podcast app, follow on Spotify, add to your playlist on Stitcher, or listen on Overcast. Brand Position (1:44) Client Experience: Preparation & Education (5:32) Technique for Time: Set boundaries (8:53) Outsourcing/Delegation: Editing & Virtual Assistant (12:37) Finding a VA (14:24) Book Recommendations: Traction by Gino Whickman (15:39) Why Mini Sessions (20:24) Pricing Structure for Mini Sessions: (22:40) 15 minutes 20 proofs 5 images included $285 Upselling: $65/image Set of 3 $90 Full Gallery for $200 Steps to Market Your Minis 1. Give Yourself 6 Weeks to Advertise 2. Open up one date at a time. 3. Open Up to Your Email List 4. Go Public With It on Facebook and Ads 4 Keys to Successful Mini Sessions (35:03) 1. Setting Up the Right Structure (35:03) 2. Upsell Your Full Gallery (36:29) 3. Excellent Communication (38:45) 4. Automate Where You Can (42:09) Links Amy & Jordan Outsourcing with Love Episode 331: Henry Chen See for privacy and opt-out information.
45 min
Brand You Personal Branding
Brand You Personal Branding
Mike Kim
BYP 256: Pivoting From A Practice Into A Personal Brand with Dr. Lisa Olszewski
Dr. Lisa Olszewski is a licensed chiropractor and the founder of The American Institute of Healthy Living, Healthy Living Simple, and Keto Virtual Summit. She has made the pivot that so many people struggle to make. She transitioned from a practice into a personal brand. Though she still sees her patients, she’s started a podcast, founded a virtual summit, and made an appearance in a documentary. In our conversation, we talk about: * What building her brand has been like for her * What she’s done with her brick and mortar practice * Everything she does in her personal brand now * Her interview for A Better Way: Discover What’s Keeping America Sick * What’s working and what’s not working in her marketing * How she navigates requests for guidance in areas where she has no experience * The law of attraction vs. marketing through content If you’re in health, government, law, education, or another highly regulated industry and want to pivot to a personal brand, you’ll get a lot out of this discussion with Lisa. Resources: * Healthy Living Simple * Keto Virtual Summit * Lisa's Website * Healthy Vibrant YOU podcast * Lisa’s podcast episode with her energy coach Connect with Mike: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube: *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at
38 min
Video Creators
Video Creators
Tim Schmoyer
What Video Should You Make Next? Combining Analytics with Experiments to Keep Viewers Engaged
Today we discuss how you can decide what video to make next so that you reach your audience better, get more views, more subscribers, and continue to grow your YouTube business. Whether it be a better streamlined process that keeps your audience engaged for the long haul or reading analytics effectively to learn what’s working and what’s not, we’ll give you some ideas for experimenting with new video ideas to reach new viewers without upsetting your core group of dedicated viewers. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: When Ransford James of "Foreign Man in a Foreign Land" first started his channel, he had a hard time knowing what direction to take, what video to make next, and how to get momentum on his channel. After doing a consultation with Lennon, they landed on a value proposition that provides direction for him and a reason for his viewers to stick around and watch more. Check out this channel here: SCHEDULE A ONE-ON-ONE CHANNEL CONSULTATION: We'd love to dive into your channel with you for an hour and give you practical steps for how to move forward with your audience, your channel, and your content. Schedule a session with us here: PRODUCT TO PROFIT: Download our free guide that contains the survey Tim mentioned in this episode along with instructions on how to use it. Leave your comments on our post here:
54 min
The YouTube Power Hour Podcast
The YouTube Power Hour Podcast
Erika Vieira
YouTuber with 1+ Million Subscribers Reveals: How her Manager Stole Everything!!! Ft: Cassandra Bankson
Have you ever thought about hiring a manager or an agent? You’re going to want to listen to my interview with Cassandra Bankson, who had a cautionary tale about hiring a manager. Cassandra put her trust in the wrong person who didn’t have her best interests in mind and whose values did not align with her own. If you’re looking to hire a manager, make sure that they align with your core values, and for your own protection, make sure they aren’t controlling your finances. Make sure you interview several candidates, ask for references, do a background check, and figure out if they have values that align with yours and if they share the same goals as you. The more stories like Cassandra’s are told, the less likely it will happen to another creator. What did you think about Cassandra’s story? Let me know! ----------- Love the podcast? Got some feedback you want to share? Want to request your favorite YouTuber? Fill out the YTPH listener survey HERE 👉🏼 Click HERE to download my FREE GUIDE to creating IMPACTFUL content during the Covid-19 pandemic! 👩🏻‍💻 If going from zero to 100k YouTube subscribers is something you want to experience for yourself, then consider taking the first step by watching my FREE Road to to 100k Masterclass. 💗 Ready to explode your channel? Join the Zero to Influence Bootcamp waitlist CONNECT WITH ERIKA: ✨ Instagram: @beautyandthevlog ✨ YouTube Channel: Beauty and the Vlog TV ✨ Website: ✨ Beauty and the Vlog Facebook Group
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