Christian AF Podcast
Christian AF Podcast
- A Reconstructionist Podcast -Christian AF was born after a few long conversations over good beers, where we realized that life, and faith, aren't as simple as we grew up believing. We started wondering why asking questions was frowned upon, or why we had to accept what we've always been told as the truth. Maybe some things aren't as black and white as we'd like to think. So, we set out to create a space to have an HONEST dialogue that welcomes questions, doubts, and fears about faith, church culture, and everything in between. The three of us behind the mics are no experts, but our goal is to help listeners start asking questions or maybe even find some answers. ​Christian AF is a podcast for people that are over church, have been burned by church, don’t get church, or have been told not to question their faith. So as we like to say, kick back, grab a drink, and start questioning!
Christian AF Podcast
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