Tech Won't Save Us
Tech Won't Save Us
Nov 26, 2020
How Spotify is Built On Artist Exploitation w/ Liz Pelly
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Paris Marx is joined by Liz Pelly to discuss how the Spotify model of streaming music continues a long trend of exploitation in the music industry and why musicians need to organize around a vision for a different world of music.

Liz Pelly is a freelance writer and critic who has spent the past decade working with community arts spaces. She is also a contributing editor and columnist at The Baffler. Follow Liz on Twitter as @lizpelly.

Tech Won’t Save Us offers a critical perspective on tech, its worldview, and wider society with the goal of inspiring people to demand better tech and a better world. Follow the podcast (@techwontsaveus) and host Paris Marx (@parismarx) on Twitter.

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Working Class History
Working Class History
Working Class History
E49: Anti-Racist Action in Minneapolis
As a far-right mob storms the Capitol in Washington DC, learn more about the history of opposition to white supremacy in the US. This podcast episode tells the story of Anti-Racist Action, a militant anti-fascist organisation in Minneapolis, Minnesota founded in the 1980s. Our podcast is brought to you by our patreon supporters. Our supporters fund our work, and in return get exclusive early access to podcast episodes, bonus episodes, free and discounted merchandise and other content. Join us or find out more at Anti-Racist Action (ARA) started in Minneapolis and is a predecessor to the crews often now called antifa. ARA started in 1987 with a multiracial group of teenage skinheads who fought the rising white power movement. It grew into a network of groups in at least 120 towns and cities across the US and Canada. ARA’s first principle was: “We go where they go. Never let the Nazis have the streets.” They eventually applied that not only to white power organising, but to homophobic and anti-abortion organizing, and to police violence, which they saw as all connected. Producer and host Anna Stitt tells the story of the group in Minneapolis through vivid first-person accounts, archival audio, and music from the era. It starts under the railroad tracks in Uptown, Minneapolis and traces a movement that continues to shape the US to this day. More information, photos, full acknowledgements and the transcript of this episode here on our website: Listen to our exclusive bonus episode, where we discussed the topic further with Anna, and listen to more tape from participants about their early lives, political backgrounds and more on patreon here:
55 min
The Regrettable Century
The Regrettable Century
Chris, Kevin, and Jason
Expanding the Austerity Panopticon: The Capitol Riot as Political Theater (with C. Derick Varn, PH Higgins from Radical Thoughts, and Steven from Supreme Leap Forward)
This week we are joined by C. Derick Varn, PH from Radical Thoughts Podcast, and Steven from Supreme Leap Forward to discuss how the Capitol Riot wasn't a coup, or a terrorist attack, and admonish the "left" for supporting the expansion of the security state. T*he Washington Riot Was a Defeat for the Far Right, Not a Triumph* *** * *We Should Be Very Worried About Joe Biden’s “Domestic Terrorism” Bill * *** * *The US Capitol riot risks supercharging a new age of political repression* *** * *US police three times as likely to use force against leftwing protesters, data finds* *** * */**  * Support the show (
1 hr 29 min
Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
Acid Horizon
Imposter Syndrome and Philosophy: Thinking with Gilles Deleuze and Mark Fisher
CONTENT WARNING: MENTAL HEALTH DISCUSSION In this episode, Craig, Will, Matt, and Adam invite friend of the show Rose( @8leggedloser) to discuss the notion of 'impostor syndrome'. Using texts such as Mark Fisher's "Good for Nothing" and Deleuze's "Plato and the Simulacrum" from his Logic of Sense, we consider what it means to feel a failure of identification in relation to how one is recognised in the order of things, what it means to internalise social forces that attempt to confine you within identity categories, and what forces and mechanisms there are that constantly call the self into question and demand it account for its authenticity (and often, do so for the sake of asserting power, and of enforcing essentialisms of race, gender, and class). Thinkers in this discussion include Mark Fisher, Deleuze, Wittgenstein, Plato, Freud, Stirner, Nietzsche, Marx, Hegel, and more! Contribute to Acid Horizon: Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts:…on/id1512615438 Happy Hour at Hippel's (Adam’s blog): Hyperstition Arrays (Matt’s Blog): Revolting Bodies (Will's Blog): Split Infinities (Craig’s Substack): Music: Merch Store:
1 hr 5 min
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