Episode 33: Kielbasi Posse
1 hr 7 min

Episode 32 - Dan finished some barnwood doors, made a keyboard rest, and went camping, Pete designed some more battery and tool holders, learned how to and how not to apply india ink, Mike went full steam into learning the CNC, and started work on the beautiful redwood slabs for a bench.


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Regal Street
How have you tackled a project where you had to figure out how to do something that you've never done before?

Nick Paccia
The Working Grain
Whats your go-to brand / blade type?

Hickory Homestead Creations
Pete how do you oil you boards? Affiliate link?

PPE. How do you protect your lungs?

Josh the dad
What are your recomendation on router bits?

Peach Tree Woodworks
Would you rather: endless supply of material, MDF or Pallet wood?

Moses Cho
Big Chuck Cho
Do you guys have any expectations or desires for your kids to join the woodworking world?

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Freud 3/8” Round Over Bit ¼” shank 34-114, Freud 1/2" (Dia.) Bearing Flush Trim Bit with 1/4" Shank (42-104) ($52.98)
Sponsored by MacBeath Hardwood

Tim Williams
Titebond 1, 2, 3 32 OZ bottle each, plus 8Oz Quick and Thick, and applicator brush ($38.99)

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Woodshop Life Podcast
Woodshop Life Podcast
Woodshop Life Podcast
Episode 59 - Which Cordless Tools?, Drum Sander Preference, Outdoor Dust Collection, & MUCH More!
Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/woodshoplife Guy 1) Hello, got a question for the show! Will wiping mineral spirits on wood before finishing, to get the dust completely off, mess with the finish being applied correctly? I have read some places that mineral spirits will not change anything, but on Rubio‘s website for example, they say mineral spirits can mess with the finish. Just not sure if they’re saying this so that you buy their wood cleaner instead. Thanks! Buffalo Custom Woodworking 2) So I'm interested in getting a drum sander. Most of its use will be for panel doors etc. One of the things that I really like is a quality piece of equipment that I'm really not going to have too many problems with. I've looked at the Laguna supermax, the jet, and the powermatic. What can you tell me as far as quality in these different models and what should I be considering or looking for? Is there another company I should consider? Thanks again for a great podcast. Marlan Sean 1) Hey guys, thanks for answering my last question about the MFT. I was wondering if you all could talk about the cordless tools you use in your shops. I wouldn't say I'm in the market for new stuff (been using Ridgid 18v for close to a decade), but I'm always curious to hear what other people prefer/use and why. Thanks for the great show! Cardinal Custom Woodworking 2) Do you think machine cutting joinery instead of doing it by hand (dovetails for example) makes the finished product less desirable to a client or the general public? I've been practicing my hand cutting of joinery for about a month now and I think I would enjoy other aspects of building much more but I don't want to lose potential customers by not having that aspect in my builds. I look forward to your feedback and keep up the great work. Thanks. Miller Huy 1) I just recently started listening to your podcast and I've already learned a lot. I've followed you on Instagram and have been really inspired by your work. I started a woodworking business this year and I'm constantly trying to set up my shop to be the most beneficial for my daily tasks. One of the things I'm trying to improve right now is my dust collection. I currently have the harbor freight dust collector that I have run to my larger tools like my table saw, bandsaw, jointer, and planer. I'm trying to cut down on the amount of dust that is in the air in my shop as much as I can. My question for you is this: Is there anything wrong with setting the dust collector completely outside of the shop in order to take one more step to keep dust out of the shop? And part of the reason I ask that question is because I actually live in the middle of woods with no neighbors around me to have dust blown into their yards or complain about the sound of the dust collector. I also wonder if this would eliminate the need for a filter. And I would also obviously cover the dust collector in some way to keep it from the elements. Thanks for all the help you guys provide on the podcast and keep up that good work! Heath 2) I recently got a spray system and am beginning to incorporate spray finishing to as many projects as possible. I am starting a new build of walnut record cabinet, and I am contemplating pre finishing. The finished piece will be about 60"x30", so it will be much easier to pre finish the panels before assembled. I am thinking of using conversion varnish for durability. My question is, should I prefinish the inside and outside of all of the panels? Or just the inside, and finish the outside once the whole cabinet is assembled? If I only finish one side, do I have to worry about warping within the few days until I glue it up and finish the other side? On the contrary, it seems it would take quite a bit longer to prefinish both sides at once, having to wait for a side to dry before you can flip it over for a coat on the other side? Id love to hear how you guys have tackled prefinishing a cabinet in the past! - Sean Moore
1 hr 1 min
We Built A Thing
We Built A Thing
071 - Unnecessary Walnut Coin Display, New Camera Equipment & Pinto Drill Press
In this episode, Mark is prototyping the unnecessary walnut coin display and gets an office to himself! Drew is making progress with the gaming table. Bruce bought a new camera and films a cost breakdown of the dust collection system and piping. Get 15% off your entire order at Bits & Bits with coupon code: WBAT15 through Jan 31, 2021! Limit one use per person. https://bitsbits.com/ Become a patron of the show to receive awesome rewards! http://patreon.com/webuiltathing Help us grow our audience by sharing the show on Instagram and tagging @webuiltathing! OUR TOP PATREON SUPPORTERS: -YouCanMakeThisToo -JK Canvas -Jennie and Davis -Tom's Woodwork -Chiseled Woodworking -Tim Morrill -Brent Jarvis -Dad It Yourself DIY -Broken Lead Woodworks -Chris Powell -Christopher Simonton -Maddux Woodworks -Ray Jolliff -Firewood Designs We Built A Thing T-shirts! We have two designs to choose from! (You can get one of these as a reward at certain levels of support) https://amzn.to/2GP04jf https://amzn.to/2TUrCr2 Bruce's most recent videos: https://youtu.be/bptaagFkCQQ Drew's most recent video: https://youtu.be/iVTJBN3lPXI Mark's most recent video: https://youtu.be/GynOg9SJIp0 We are all makers, full-time dads and all have YouTube channels we are trying to grow and share information with others. Throughout this podcast, we talk about making things, making videos to share on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc...and all of the life that happens in between. CONNECT WITH US: WE BUILT A THING: www.instagram.com/webuiltathing WE BUILT A THING EMAIL: webuiltathing@gmail.com FISHER'S SHOP: www.instagram.com/fishersshop/ BRUDADDY: www.instagram.com/brudaddy/ GUNFLINT DESIGNS: www.instagram.com/gunflint_designs/ Music by: Jay Fisher (Thanks, Jay!)
1 hr 10 min
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