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Shireen Smith - Continuous Improvement – Get Going with Your Podcast
Jul 31, 2020 · 23 min
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Shireen Smith uses the ordinary dictionary meaning of continuous improvement as a philosophy for life and business. 

·      Get going with whatever you want to do, knowing you will work on improving it as you get more experience. Give yourself permission to try something without worrying that there may be a lot of room for improvement due to your inexperience. 

·      If you lose your job, it may be an opportunity to try something different. Continuous improvement as a philosophy will help you develop new skills

·      Build your personal brand by setting up a podcast. Podcasting is the next marketing frontier. 

·       There are far fewer podcasts than blogs. There is a lot to learn and get right if you want to have a successful podcast. But until you try it, you can’t improve your skills. So, instead of procrastinating, trying to find the perfect podcast cover, name, theme, and the like, just make some choices and get started. The key is to find a way to do it cost effectively. 

·      It’s important when tackling something new not to let imposter syndrome or the wish to be perfect get in your way. The only way to overcome imposter syndrome is to do the thing you are feeling imposter-like in doing. That’s the only cure. If your mindset is one of continuous improvement you will be able to tackle this much more effectively. 

·       It’s so possible with podcasting to make changes to your podcast and refine and improve it over time.

·       I decided to take stock and narrow my focus to 3 specific benefits that listeners will get from each episode moving forward. The yardstick by which I will measure the success of every episode is how will this either save listeners’ time, or make them more money, or reduce their stress? That’s what success involves for most of us. Rather than being an undefined term, I wanted to double down on what moves the needle to achieving success in business.

·      When I launched Brand Tuned, I ranked in the 10th spot for UK marketing podcasts. Podcasts often move in and out of the charts. You can view how other podcasts are doing on Chartable, and I’m encouraged to note that a number of podcasts that I listen to don’t currently appear in the rankings at all. Podcast rankings are quite fluid, and ultimately ranking among the top podcasts is a nice to have, rather than an essential aspect of having a successful podcast. 

·      Getting a bank of podcasts in place before you launch your podcast means you can get started less stressfully. You can approach people over time and record sessions gradually.

·      A discussion of a few past episodes which were recorded between February and May before the podcast was launched. You grow in confidence interview by interview.

·      If your marketing involves creating content then you will understand the value of getting a podcast up and running. 

·      You don’t need to be an established content creator to become a successful podcaster. A podcast is an excellent way to build an audience from scratch and position yourself as an authority in your industry. And as with anything in life, success doesn’t come overnight. 

·       I’m hoping to continuously improve this podcast.

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