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Jeremy Miller - Brand Naming Process From Brand New Name Book
Jul 24, 2020 · 32 min
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Jeremy Miller is the President of Sticky Branding, which is a brand building agency that helps businesses to have sticky brands. He is also the author of the book Brand New Name. He has:

  •        a proven step by step process to create an unforgettable brand name. 
  •        enables entrepreneurs and marketers to name something after setting their strategy - ie what it is that the brand is or what the product or service will be, and how the name needs to perform. Establish some guidelines for success.
  •        it’s essential to generate a lot of potential names because we are experiencing a naming drought, so the hard part of naming is not coming up with a great idea. The hard part is finding an available name.
  •        Names like Kodak or Acura that are invented words provide an abstract term or an empty vessel. And so the benefit of that is you can breathe life into it in any way you want. 
  •        Brand New Name is designed to be a naming sprint. Bring together a group of employees or individuals that are involved in the whole cycle.
  •        Instagramer Kail Letkemann is a startup individual and doesn't have any employees at this point. So he assembled a group of individuals that were friends, colleagues, other followers on Instagram and he put a sprinting team together. And there were eight of them that participated in the process. They were volunteers who loved participating. 
  •        You need to work with legal in some way. You're not able to do it on your own. So, engage a trademark lawyer early in the process, 
  •        if you know right up front that you're going to need, if you're building say, a Google or a tech products that's going to be used in multiple jurisdictions or even a financial services product that might be used in multiple jurisdictions, knowing that is going to be the most important and complicated wrinkle of the whole project because now you've increased the complexity of finding an available name exponentially. That might determine the type of name you choose. 
  •        Global does not come up all that often, the majority of companies are focused on specific markets.
  •        One of Jeremy’s favourite brands is Twitter. It's a suggestive evocative name of what the platform is like and it inform their entire identity and ethos from the beginning. 

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