54. Graves Disease Q&A | Bronte May, Naturopath.
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My first podcast interview with Bronte has been one of the top performing episodes, so I was thrilled to have her back on the show. Bronte is full of positive and practical information.

In this episode we cover:

  • An overview of Graves Disease - what it is, how to test for it, common triggers and an overview of how to manage it.
  • 4 core pillars for lifestyle change (these really apply to everyone regardless of your health!)
  • Graves Disease Questions such as:
  1. What is the best diet for hyperthyroidism/Graves?
  2. How does hyperthyroid medication impact the immune system?
  3. Are there special considerations for pregnancy/breastfeeding?
  4. What is earthing and how can it help?
  5. Is fasting recommended for those with Graves Disease?
  6. What if you've had a partial thyroidectomy, is there a risk of going hyPOthyroid?

Meet Bronte:
Bronte is a Naturopath with a passion for thyroid health. She knows firsthand the complicated and multi layered journey to heal from an autoimmune disease. Having had a negative experience within the mainstream medical system, she decided to educate her way to recovery… and did... healing herself from Graves disease and becoming a qualified Naturopath in the process.

Having learned so much about lifestyle medicine and the medical modality of Naturopathy during her own healing journey, she is now passionate about passing on this information to her own clients to empower them to be their own healers.

Bronte also offers a specific 12 week program, “THYROID RESET”, where she not only systematically uncovers the root causes of the health imbalance, but more importantly, simplifies the process of getting well again, including the mindset coaching to help you on this often challenging journey.

And when she isn’t doing that, her Instagram tells us that you can find her earthing with a cup of bone broth.

Connect with Bronte May
Instagram @brontemay.naturopath


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