28. Herbs for Thyroid Health with Ashleigh Mythen
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Have you ever wondered what herbs can be used to support your thyroid health? Perhaps you’ve been to a naturopath or herbalist who has prescribed you some herbs, or just stood in a health food aisle wondering if there is something that might help!

Well, Ashleigh Mythen is a naturopath & herbalist here in this episode to help us understand which herbs to consider for hypothyroid, hyperthyroid and also for the auto-immune component.

We have a chat about Turmeric, Devils’s Claw, Withania (AKA Ashwanganda), Lemon Balm, Romania, Passionflower, Maca, Mushrooms and more!

I love that many of the tips in this conversation revolved around incorporating these herbs into our everyday cooking – it doesn’t have to mean taking swathes of supplements. Adding to our food sources can be a gentle and safe way of introducing these herbs into our routines too.

Ashleigh Mythen is a Melbourne based Naturopath & Herbalist passionate about preventative and holistic health care.

Connect with Ashleigh:
Instagram @ashleighmythen

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