Why being part of a vibrant community matters - A perspective from three experts with Leetha Filderman, Cheryl Dorsey & Joanna Sparber.
Play • 45 min

If you thought the airship died with the Hindenburg … think again!

Have you ever been part of or craved for a community that just feels like you belong in it, like you get them and they get you, like your values are aligned and you agree on a common sense of purpose, or being? Finding, let alone thriving, in such a community is hard these days. 

But have you ever wondered what it takes to build a vibrant, robust and enduring community? Whether they meet physically or virtually, given the current global context, it turns out that it takes a fair amount of thoughtful and deliberate planning and engineering to make communities thrive. 

In our podcast episode this week, we talk to three remarkable leaders, Ms. Leetha Filderman - President of Poptech, Ms. Cheryl Dorsey - President of Echoing Green and Ms. Joanna Sparber - Global Director of Impact at The Conduit. 

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