Worldwide Celestial Broadcast Communications
Brooke Folk
WCBC - Worldwide Celestial Broadcast Communications. A broadcast podcast Chapel of the Air radio presentation with your host and narrator Brooke Folk. With Fifty plus years in broadcasting, WCBC is by far, Brooke's most gratifying. The education program content in affiliation with celestial angels is what the world is being again introduced to. From over one hundred years ago to present, celestial communications that accentuate errors in beliefs, answers to life's enhancements now and in spirit, how to get there from here and beyond. Where did humanity go wrong. Is God punishing us now? What does the soul got to do with it? Is there life after death? Earth changes, are we living them now? What's the difference between natural and divine love and how do we get the divine? Welcome to this educational program where celestial angels are our teachers and guides and many surprises in each episode..
Worldwide Celestial Broadcast Communications
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