Career, Character and Impact of COVID after Forty with Lupe and Barbara
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See if you can identify….You've worked hard and built a great track record, a great resume and a great network.  You feel like you're on top of your game - no actually, you ARE on top of your game.  You then hit a snag….is this it?  Maybe you're questioning if this is the ride you want to be on like my previous guests or maybe like Barbara and Lupe with me today, you experience a different kind of snag.  A different unexpected new roadblock.

Could your wealth of experience and number of years serving as an industry leader suddenly become a problem?  You may find yourself at a similar place in your personal and professional journey - in the midst of unexpected challenges and questioning if life after 40 or 45 means we could be "past our prime."  My guests today, Barbara Brooks and Lupe Hirt, experienced such roadblocks and their own version of what I'll call a career interruption and I love Lupe's insight and challenge to each of us:   

The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with detours, dead ends and pit stops. But the key is to remember that during times of challenge and adversity, character is revealed, not built. The question then becomes, what does your character reveal about you?

So join me today as Barbara and Lupe share their experiences, character revelations and the journey they started down together to turn their story and passion into a way to help many others.

Whether it's a conscious choice or whether some other key piece has changed in your current job or career path, many of us are pausing right now and reevaluating our career options and how it fits in what we truly want in our life going forward.  

Especially if we are now wondering if our years of leadership are a positive or a negative.

So as I went through my own reflection and decision to career pivot, I was introduced to Barbara and Lupe, and it was great to learn just how many others I found at a similar place in my path. 

So it's time to bring in the experts - join me in welcoming Barbara and Lupe to the virtual couch today!  Hey ladies!

I'm very happy to have you here!


Today we have the two of you together as there is much to gain from hearing more about your individual stories and how some of those similar experiences led you to the really great work you're doing together today.


Let's start with the scoop on these gals and then we'll get into their stories.


Lupe is a public relations expert and entrepreneur of 24+ years.  She opened her own agency and experienced much success in working with big brands.


Barbara is an award winning marketing and public relations specialist in the shopping center industry.


Together they are the co-founders of Second Act, a membership community focused on elevating and connecting businesswomen 40 & 50+. Designed as an IRL and virtual community, SecondActWomen rallies women to own their number and swivel into middlescence with vigor and savvy.



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