Inside the GENOME
Inside the GENOME
Jul 19, 2021
Myriad Live - Let's talk rare hereditary genes with limited guidelines
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Myriad Oncology Live episodes are recordings of an open-forum webinar hosted by Dr. Thomas Slavin. The opinions and views expressed in this recording do not necessarily represent those of Myriad Genetics or its affiliates. To participate in a future recording, visit for a list of dates, times, and subjects.

Additional resources cited in this episode:
Hu et al NEJM - A population based study of genes previously implicated in Breast Cancer 2021.

Palmer et al. JNCI paper - Contribution of Germline Predisposition Gene Mutations to Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women.

Antoniou et al NEJM - Breast caner risk in families with mutations in PALB2 2014.

Yang et al 2020 PALB2 paper Dr. Couch referenced

BCAC study - NEJM 2021

Narod editorial to these two papers - CARRIERS and BCAC.

BCAC Study paper titled: Breast Cancer Risk Genes - Association in More than 113,000 Women CARRIERS study is titled - A Population Based Study of Genes Previously Implicated in Breast Cancer

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