Ep 85: How Slow Can You Go?
Play • 26 min

Let's talk about slow. Does that word cause you to squirm in your seat? Or take a deep exhale of relief? 

Slow movement can be something that SO MANY of us avoid. Why? Because it forces us to pay attention to the things we find difficult or uncomfortable ... AND it flies in the face of an exercise culture that tells us 'harder, better, faster is BETTER.' We've grown up believing that in order to count or be 'worth it' we have to sweat our buns off, be huffing and puffing and burning a zillion calories. 

Yet slow is important. Slow is often where we find the capacity to feel the way we want to feel - with less tension and more ease, more connection to ourselves and more capable, resilient and robust. 

And so, in this episode I'm talking all about why you might consider falling in love with slow movement. We cover:

> why it's harder to shift beyond habit when we're moving quickly (and why that's something to pay attention to)
> why the basic building blocks of movement are more important than you think 
> why we might want to consider the contrast of slow to our mostly fast lives
> why loving slow doesn't mean hating on fast and how it can be a both/and scenario.

Tune in then share your thoughts with me! Subscribe, rate and review the show (I'd appreciate it more than I can say).

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