Episode 68: Boundaries. How to set them and why you want them with Claire Nettley
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Boundaries. Do you have them? How do you know if you need them? How the heck do you set them? Well, my friends, Claire Nettley is here to share all of this and more in this episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast.

Claire is a Boundaries & Mindful Living Coach who empowers women to develop more autonomy and authority in their lives.

 She works with burned out, stressed out, over-worked and under-appreciated women looking to reclaim their sense of self. Claire’s clients are the nice girls, people-pleasers, rescuers and fixers who struggle to say no and run themselves into the ground. She helps her clients to find their 'no', develop healthy conflict resolution skills and overcome guilt and resentment.

In our chat we're talking all things boundaries, including:
- what led Claire to this work and how it changed her relationship with herself and with others.
- what boundaries actually are and how we can identify when we need them AND when they've been crossed.
- the different types of boundaries - including those with ourselves, with how we treat others, and with how we let others treat us.
- the importance of language when it comes to communicating our boundaries.
- how to set boundaries and practice maintaining them (as well as knowing when to bend them).

Find Claire:
Claire has an amazing e-book that you can download for free on her website.
She also has two upcoming workshops which you can find out more about and book here.
And, of course, find Claire on Facebook  Instagram and LinkedIn.

Find Erica:

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