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MWWPR’s Rebecca Blinston-Jones on the PRmoment podcast
Jan 11, 2019 · 33 min
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This week on The PRmoment podcast I’m catching up with Rebecca Blinston-Jones, UK managing director of MWWPR.

MWWPR is a US-owned, mid-sized PR firm with revenues of $40-50m that employs around 250 people.

In the UK it has revenues of £1.7m and employs around 20 people.

Here is a taster of what Rebecca and I discussed: 

  • How her formative years at Text 100 played a huge part in Rebecca’s career 1.05 mins
  • How Rebecca met her husband at Text 100 1.40 mins
  • How Rebecca used to sign clients on the back of napkins during her time at Mantra PR 
  • How Mantra survived the crash and was then sold to Lowry Group and merged into Speed Communications. 4.30 mins
  • How Rebecca met and worked for Patrick Herridge at Mantra Communication, then they worked together at Parys Communications and then at MWWPR 6 mins
  • How Rebecca had equity in both Mantra and Parys - and why the trend of owners offering equity in exchange for fees is less popular than in the past 7 mins
  • Why Rebecca likes working for businesses when they are “early stage”  8.15 mins
  • The current “micro” acquisition trend in the UK PR market 10 mins
  • How PR firms are purchasing non-PR businesses 10.40 mins
  • The rise of independent mid-sized PR firms in London 11.40 mins
  • How in the US agencies have started setting up in tier 2 and tier 3 cities to address the cost of living in US big cities 13 mins
  • Why many mid-sized firms from the US have a “small” brand in London but big ambitions 14  mins
  • Rebecca talks about MWWPR acquisition plans 14.30 mins
  • The challenges of finding the right people for a senior team in London 20 mins
  • The risk of senior recruits going wrong 21.30 mins
  • Why Rebecca decided she wanted to become UK MD of MWWPR 25 mins
  • Why there needs to be equal childcare responsibility between a husband and wife 27 mins
  • Rebecca tells us about MWWPR’s growth plans for the UK business 30.30 mins
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