Bru Time #31 - Ben King (King on the Road)
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Ben King is a 24yr old whirlwind. He set off in August 2017 to try and become the youngest person ever to ride around the world - fast forward to 2020 and he's back home in Blighty due to Covid, but has so far 'only' managed to reach the Chinese border in his travels.

Ben is one of life's characters, an impeccably nice chap with a heart of gold and not a single bad bone in his body. It was an absolute joy to chat with him about his adventures so far and his plans for the future when his travels recommence. Enjoy this one folks.

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@The King On The Road

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Law Abiding Biker | Street Biker Motorcycle Podcast
Law Abiding Biker | Street Biker Motorcycle Podcast
Ryan Urlacher | Street Biker, Motorcycle Rider
LAB-258-Sturgis 2020 Motorcycle Road Trip-80th Anniversary-Part 2 of 2
Official Website: This is part two of a two-part series and is all about our 2020 Sturgis, SD motorcycle trip. In August 2020, members of Law Abiding Biker™ Media along with members of the Sworn Few LEMC embarked on a 9 day, 3200-mile, 5 state cross-country motorcycle trip. This trip would take us out of Washington State and into Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We stayed over in cities such as Missoula, Montana, Billings, Montana, Rapid City, South Dakota, and Butte, Montana. There will be a motorcycle documentary film released later this year on this entire trip and experience! * SEE ALL LAW ABIDING BIKER MEDIA DOCUMENTARY FILMS HERE! During our Sturgis trip, we met up with our beloved Patron Members outside of Sturgis, South Dakota for an entire day. Our Patron Members support us financially, so we can continue to help as many bikes as we can worldwide. Of course, our Patron Members get benefits and exclusive access such as meetups like this. There was an awesome day ride prepared for the members. We all met up in the morning and we all went on a beautiful day ride together. We had plenty of time to visit and get to know each other on a more personal level. We ended the day at a private location where the Patron Members enjoyed a catered dinner by Law Abiding Biker Media!. We ate, drank, and visited and it was a great time. SUPPORT US AND SHOP IN THE OFFICIAL LAW ABIDING BIKER STORE We visited many places and saw a ton of great country on our Sturgis motorcycle trip. We stayed at some good and not so good hotels and motels. We ate at some good restaurants and some bad ones. We experienced good and bad weather and a few of the bikes experienced some mechanical problems that had to be fixed. CHECK OUT OUR HUNDREDS OF FREE HELPFUL VIDEOS ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE! We had some very funny times as a group and made memories that will last a lifetime. Everything that happened shaped the trip in some way. Listen in as we tell all the stories of our Sturgis motorcycle trip. We also share tips and tricks to assist riders who may be thinking of a long-distance motorcycle road trip. NEW FREE VIDEO RELEASED: * Sturgis 2020 Attendance Only Slightly Down-COVID-19-Sneak Peek Documentary Sponsor-Ciro 3D * CLICK HERE! * Innovative products for Harley-Davidson & Goldwing * Affordable chrome, lighting, and comfort products * Ciro 3D has a passion for design and innovation Sponsor-RickRak * CLICK HERE * The Ultimate Motorcycle Luggage Rack Solution * Forget those messy straps and bungee cords * Go strapless with a RickRak quick attach luggage system & quality bag Sponsor-Butt Buffer * CLICK HERE * Want to ride longer? * Tired of a sore and achy ass? * Then fix it with a high-quality Butt Buffer seat cushion New Patrons: * Gary McNeil of New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada * Kenny Kyger of Smyrna, Georgia * Jeffrey Blohm of Union, Illinois * Bobby Critch of Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada * Rick Utegg of Vandling, Pennsylvania * Benjamin Kintner of Peru, Indiana * Jeffrey Ralston of Knoxville, Tennessee * Jorge Novo of Union, New Jersey * Carl McKinney of Valliant, Oklahoma If you appreciate the content we put out and want to make sure it keeps on coming your way then become a Patron too! There are benefits and there is no risk. Thanks to the following bikers for supporting us via a flat donation: * Dean Bewley of London * David Parker of Reno, Nevada * Steven Nugent ________________________________________________________ FURTHER INFORMATION: Official Website: _http://www.LawAbidingBiker.com_ Email & Voicemail: _ Podcast Hotline Phone: 509-731-3548 Facebook: _ Twitter: _
1 hr 39 min
Front End Chatter
Front End Chatter
Simon Hargreaves and Martin Fitz-Gibbons
Front End Chatter #130
Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter E130, and the first FEC of 2021; a brand new year, and hopefully things will get better – but some things stay the same and there’s not much chance of FEC improving any time soon. Thanks as always to Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists, and, home of all that’s good and virtuous in motorcycling. And on FEC this week, Simon and Martin chatter about: * Davide Brivio’s shock exit from Suzuki MotoGP team boss to F1... and who we’d choose to replace him * John McPint MBE has won an MBE from the Queenie, but who else has and who hasn’t? * when motorcycle manufacturers get market research wrong * hello to Aprilia’s new Tuono 660... * ...and goodbye; we mourn the passing of true racing and engineering pioneer, Peter Williams We also dive in the FEC sack and answer some timeless wonderings: * what was that about preload and ride height again? * winter hacks – it’s a love/hate thing * magazines are for old riders; YouTube is for young ’uns: discuss * are the Isle Of Wight Diamond Races going to happen in 2021? * all this and much more! Thank you very much for listening, thanks to Bennetts and for putting up with us, and please keep your thoughts, musings, queries and fact correcting coming to: Catch us on the Instas and Twitters: @SimonHbikes (but to be honest it’s more paracord hobbies and current affairs than bikes; I like to think it’s context) @Mufga (he’s funnier than me)
2 hr 11 min
Hazard Ground
Hazard Ground
Ep. 201 - Donat Le Blanc (Marine/Vietnam)
Donat "Dan" Le Blanc lost his right arm while fighting in Vietnam as a Marine aircraft machine gunner. Service was in his blood; his father was a World War II veteran and POW. So when it was his generation's calling to combat service, Le Blanc joined the Marines. He cites the 1957 film, "The DI" with Jack Webb as a major source of inspiration for joining the Corps. But, Le Blanc's time in Vietnam would end not long after he sustained life-threatening injuries when the helicopter he was manning an M60 machine gun on flew into a hot landing zone during an evac mission in September 1966. Although his time in combat would end, his service would not. Le Blanc went on to eventually make a career out of working for the VA, providing valuable first-hand knowledge for the development of prostheses for veterans who had lost limbs in combat. He would also write a book about his life and time in combat, titled "Deckhouse: My Story", leaving a lasting record not just for his children and grandchildren, but also for those who return from combat with physical and invisible wounds. This is a story of combat, survival, and decades of service to country and veterans alike, as told by a Marine who lived through all three. Hear it now on the latest edition of HAZARD GROUND! "Deckhouse: My Story" Support the podcast by supporting our sponsors at! Shop Amazon! As an Amazon Associate We Earn From Qualifying Purchases...You Know The Deal! (Paid Link) Help grow the show! Spread the word, tell a friend!! Subscribe, rate, and review on Apple Podcasts! Episode Intro Music: "Prelude" by "Silence & Light" (
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