Aliens, Reptilians, Slaves, Oh my....
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Episode 10.....Reptilian Brain....Aliens....Slave Race....Yep, we are going there, into the land of the woo woo. For this episode we invite you to have an open mind and consider some ideas that may have never been in your paradigm before. The questions of Where do I come from and Why am I here have been the questions of philosophers, religions and human-kind across time. What if Science Fiction is more Fact than Fiction? What if we have been enslaved as a human race and have been in an illusion of who we really are? What if, our interconnectedness expands beyond our planet and into the Cosmos? Are we really Inter-Galactic Royalty and our expansion and evolvement affects over 25 different Alien species because our  DNA comes from more than 25 different inter-galactic races? Come along with us as we explore a different narrative than the traditional religious story we've been given through a Patriarchal system. Does it resonate with you or absolutely not? Our Ask today is: Can I be willing to be open minded and look at things I never considered before? We'd love to hear your thoughts on our IG page or FB page. Let's have a conversation.

REFERENCES: The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion, 

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