How can I create the life I want?
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Episode 9
We live in a dualistic world where we have access to experience a broad range of all the things. Duality gives us a deeper understanding of what something is, through the experience of what it is not, thus opening our awareness of polarity. Polarity can create some chaos as we swing between the opposites in our process of living and learning who we are in the world. The magic is created in becoming conscious in our process of duality and learning how to hold the center point, or finding the balance between the opposing poles. Once we learn how to hold center, what if we can then begin to play with polarity to hold the truth within both? Instead of holding judgment for our experience of duality, we can create a magnetic field by holding the paradox of the opposing forces. Using the power of alchemy in the space of the duality, we can powerfully create new programs of manifestation while honoring the truth of the "shadow" that we all experience. This is a practice of stepping into our magnetic resonance as an electomagnetic being to create our Reality. This is the practice of claiming our Sovereignty as the Ultimator Creator of our Life in all forms and in all the ways. Join us for a fun conversation of looking at Duality in exploring another perspective in the practice of holding center or the place of non-duality.
Our Ask today is: "How can I play with the energies of duality in creating my reality?"
We'd love to hear your Power Statements using the magnetic force of duality. Leave your comments on our IG page @Finding.Oneness.In.Duality or on Facebook page, Finding Oneness in Duality.

REFERENCES: DNA Demystified, The Practical Guide to Reprogramming the 13 Helixes at Zero point Volume 1 by Kishori Aird, The Sophrenic Collective can be found at for more information and to schedule appointments, Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd.

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