Can we agree to disagree and still follow our truth?
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Episode 7...Whoa! We jump in right from the get-go and practice trusting the flow of the process. Emotions are high as we discuss the very real circumstances we are all experiencing in our world and challenge ourselves to look at all the things with the lens of non-duality. Is that even possible? How do we remain neutral when everything feels so charged? And should we? What is the fine line between "following the rules" and still maintaining our values and rights as human beings? 

In a world that is not making much sense, we discuss ways we can navigate through the beautiful mess of life, especially now. When we experience things that bring up fear, we can ask ourselves what can we do about it. This will move the energy from fear, into empowerment and action. Practicing trust in ourselves also helps us to let go of the rampant fear that is present. Finding ways to agree to disagree, and honoring the other for their beliefs, opinions, and actions can also help ease this highly charged time. As the collective and individual are grasping to navigate such an unknown time, we can learn to embrace compassion, let go of our ego's and not knowing, while allowing ourselves to be comfortable in the discomfort. To hold the space of non-duality, we have to see the interconnectedness of everything, whether we agree with what is happening or not and challenge ourselves to offer compassion, in all circumstances. Our ask today is: "How can I be more aware and more allowing of the physical response in my body as the indicator of my truth and can I hold it in a space of compassion?"

Come along with us for the wild ride of our choatic conversation. 

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