Tips & Tools for self-resourcing!
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Episode 23....
Our perception of things affects how we feel and will determine our experience of whatever it is we are moving through in life. "By keeping it simple, you move through life with ease." This doesn't mean that difficult things wont happen in life, it just means that we will navigate them with ease.  Can we let go of the coping skills, trauma responses, and attachment to suffering to experience more joy, ease, and flow that is available to each of us.  We can get so comfortable in our pain, our sorrow and trauma and it can feel uncomfortable to let it go and to be open to experience life with flow, surrender and trust. Can we allow ourselves to remember that we are human, and that we need to feel our feelings, and give time and space for ourselves to move through whatever it is we are feeling, instead of bypassing the painful feelings, storing them in our body and shoving them down? This is a recipe for those emotions to come out and to be expressed in inappropriate ways and at times when we are triggered and feeling unresourced. Coming back to our center, being gentle with ourselves, feeling our feels and sitting with them, without needing to be anything other than what is, is a powerful practice of moving emotions and experiences through our field and then releasing them. 
Living a 5D life isn't about always being happy and love and light;  it means that we are present in our heart, while feeling our emotions and honoring where we are at. Resourcing ourselves inward, has been the biggest call for this year of 2020, leaning in to our inner truth, our Sovereignty, and trusting what feels right for ourselves. This is the most important tool that we can learn as we navigate through the unknown future and unpredictable outcomes. "I am here now," allows for that larger flow of inspirational energy to come in and inform our inspired action. In the truth of The Now, we can trust that all will be provided as we learn how to be on the path of ease. 

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