Plant medicine, have we been lied to about all it can do?
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In this episode we discuss some possible origins of plant medicine and how their use has been hidden throughout human history. We have a health-care system that has exploited and pushed highly addictive and destructive substances as "medicine" and has criminalized the use of natural, non addictive substances that have the potential to heal deep emotional wounding such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other things, in one therapeutic session. What if we start looking at plant medicine as a tool for deep healing and reprogramming the default brain patterns we can get stuck in? 
Plant medicine has a reputation of opening people's mind to the mystical and a high number of people who experience a journey lose their fear of death, and find their place of oneness in our world. There is mounting evidence that plant medicine has been tied to religious and spiritual ceremony and ritual since the beginning of time. Plant medicine has been closely tied to major religions and their spiritual practices. At some point, this potent practice has been shut down and history has been rewritten to depict this practice as dangerous and irresponsible. We question the reasons for this, and share some information to challenge this common narrative. Come along with us with an open mind, for a lively conversation, that may just change your mind about everything.

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