As Above, So Below
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Episode 18....As above so below...As within so without. We are in a time of individual shedding of old belief patterns, old systems and the default brain programs that have been creating our lives. It's a time to go within and become Present to heal, claim and integrate our Shadows and deep wounding. As we work through shedding the layers, the practice of integration means we see ALL parts of ourselves and claim our shadow and wounds as part of who we are. In this deep place of healing and integration, we are no longer controlled by the unhealed aspects of ourselves. As each of us becomes more conscious in our patterns and belief systems, we are in a new practice of shedding the wounded layers and emerging as a new version of ourselves in the world. 
On a Collective Level, we are faced with the death of how things have been, in our Government, our School Systems, our Economy, our "normal" is being challenged as it shifts, adapts to the current narrative, and is emerging as something "different." Can we focus on letting go of the Old and trusting the process of shedding the layers of systems that no longer serve us? Can we trust that life is and will continue to emerge and rebirth into an experience that is more serving of where our souls are evolving and asking us to go? Is our Individual experience reflective of the Collective Experience and is the Collective Experience showing us how to go deeper into our shedding and healing practice? 
Join us for an exploration into some big ideas of how we are connected and interconnected on multiple layers as we learn to let go and rebirth ourselves. 

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