Divorce; A Practice of Self-Love
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Episode 17....Divorce, Conscious Uncoupling and moving forward in life. 

In today's episode we delve into some vulnerable sharing around our individual experiences of marriage and our conscious decision to end our marriages and shift our relationships in our families. Although a painful process for both of us, it was also a path of growth and claiming our own sovereignty in our lives. We approach the conversation through the question of; "when do we know that it's time to step out of a relationship?" 
As individuals who "love to love" and learning that love has so many facets of depth and flavors of expression, ultimately the journey through marriage and then into the choice of ending that commitment brought us back into ourselves and ultimately loving ourselves. With various choice points presented along the way to recommit or to walk away, marriage was a journey of self discovery through intimate relationship with another. 
For me, Valerie, my experience of divorce has led to a beautiful rebirthing of what family looks like and how it is defined. I have had what you could call an "ideal divorce" and my previous partner and I are good friends and can coparent with a lot of cooperation and communication. It was a process of healing, forgiving, and letting go and definitely required that both of us were willing to walk that path to meet the other in that place.
Amanda has had a more painful and difficult time navigating divorce and separating lives and shares from her experience of what that has been like for her. Both paths have been perfect for each of us and perhaps could even be part of the Soul Contracts that we have with our previous partners. Regardless of how the journey looks like, it is a process of becoming embodied, and more conscious when we encounter those choice points that lead us through the journey of life.
Our ask today is, "How can I see things more clearly in my relationship and myself in the relationship?"

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