Riots, Racism & Slavery
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Episode 11....Wow! We are immersed by such INTENSE ENERGY right now on our planet, and in our Country. None of the current issues of Racism, Violence, Slavery, Division are new, they have been going on for centuries, the difference is that NOW they are being seen and felt on the surface. The deep wounding that is being exposed can no longer being hidden in the shadows. The Triangle of Disempowerment is in full activation between Victim, Perpetrator, and Rescuer and the energetics and pain are on the surface and swirling around creating CHAOS, CONFUSION, MOVEMENT, AND NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHANGE. 
So, now what? What can we do in such an overwhelming time? We would like to offer that the answers are WITHIN each of us, through our own personal work of healing. What if our experience in the current paradigm is IN SERVICE to showing each of us where our individual wounding is and how we can start our process of INVOLUTION, going inward to witness what is asking to be seen, heard, and healed? And from the inner work, we can engage in a process of EVOLUTION to a new paradigm.
If we continue to go outside of ourselves and engage in BLAME, SHAME, VIOLENCE, DIVISION, we will continue to feed the program of SLAVERY, RACISM, VIOLENCE, and DISEMPOWERMENT. We CANNOT expect to have RADICAL CHANGE by feeding the collective with the same energies that have been so damaging to ALL OF US. The world doesn't need more of the low level frequencies we've been swimming in. What we need is RADICAL UNITY which only comes through the INNER work of HEALING and INTEGRATION so that we may come together and start having a conversation from a place of WHOLENESS rather than from WOUNDING, that is IN SERVICE to the COLLECTIVE.
Our ask today is, "How can we see all sides of the narrative, and how much of inner wounding is controlling our individual narrative and how much are we allowing our narrative to be controlled?" Take a deep breath, feel into your body, and be so brave. 

REFERENCES: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One's Own Light. Teaching from the Pleiades and the Hathors by Tom Kenyon and Wendy Kennedy. For channeled sound healings from the Arcturians and Hathors go to To read more about Synarchy check out Richard Rudd's work in The Gene Keys.

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