Small Business, Big Growth
Enabling Joy in the Workplace with Paul Armstrong
Jul 1, 2020 · 48 min
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Paul Armstrong is a consultant at eNthusaProve LLC. Their mission is to inspire you to lead your teams into claiming their entire goal-achieving potential, and to empower leaders who want to build on the very purpose of what it means to be human. Human-centered leadership is what they're all about.

Top takeaways:

- How to dominate your workplace and get inspired every day

- Why other people must buy into your dreams

- Being humble yet confident in the pursuit of excellence

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Intro to Paul’s background

[04:45] How to get people to buy into your dreams

[06:25] Interpretation of the story of Genesis from the bible

[07:25] Staying focus and not get confused as a leader

[08:45] How to use the right tools for procurement

[10:53] What can be done differently because of that extreme desire to want to delight the customer

[12:42] Ways to become a leader in the industry

[13:56] Understand your industry that it takes a different level of dedication

[16:43] Skills needed to stay in your lane and be authentic.

[21:46] Identifying what is your purpose for wanting to be a leader

[27:15] Think deeply what kind of company do you want to be?

[31:16] Creating value and outperform your competition

[33:04] Find people with a technical specialty

[40:29] Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

Stand-Out Quotes:

"Many people are familiar with Genesis when God said, Adam, I'm going to give you dominion. If you look deeply into that word, dominion, it means to be the boss."

"Understanding what it meant to improve a process and improve people's ability to create value and contribute to the purpose. And so while on the surface, it looked like process improvement. It was also a lot of just how do we get folks so that their talents are blossoming better and we're getting more fruit from each person."


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