62. How to Properly Evaluate Conspiracy Theories
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Conspiracy theories are nothing new. The question is: how should we process these pieces of information? Chances are, most of us will believe whatever satisfies our preconceived notions, whether true or not...

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Intro: Arman opens the podcast stating what today’s episode covers [00:00] 
  • Some announcements [00:52]
  • The context of how Arman is going to discuss the topic of conspiracy theories [01:56]
  • On the documentary Zeitgeist: were they rational and logical, or extreme? [02:23]
  • Going back to the original purpose of this episode: the difficulty of staying objective when dealing with conspiracy theories [03:44]
  • Reaching out to Francis Pedraza for an explanation on conspiracy theories [04:50]
  • The framework in dealing with conspiracies according to Francis [05:47]
  • 83 pages of Hunter Biden’s corruption and Francis’ thoughts [06:30]
  • Viewing conspiracy theories like a prosecutor [08:22}
  • The four stages of conspiracy [09:22]
  • Becoming empirical in the face of not being able to find a plausible explanation for conspiracy theories, even if the results can be scary [12:11]
  • Restating the purpose of this episode [14:54]
  • Closing message [16:04]



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