49. A Debate on Cancel Culture, Race, Politics, & the Workplace with Ketan Anjaria
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We have a very different episode today. As you know, I am always making sure to expose myself to different perspectives. Today, I have a conversation and (mostly civil and friendly lol) debate with my friend Ketan Anjaria on cancel culture, politics, race, workplace diversity, and much more.
Ketan Anjaria is the Founder and CEO of HireClub, that he started as a Facebook group with his 25 friends as a way to hire great people. It has now grown to an engaging and supportive career community of more than 33,000 members and counting.
He has helped thousands of clients globally with delightful design, beautiful branding, and crisp code for mobile and web applications.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Ketan, how they met, and the topic of today’s episode. [00:10]
  • Arman and Ketan get into an interesting discussion about the presidential election and the differing opinions they have. [04:47]
  • Is America great for me? [06:28]
  • Fascism. [12:37]
  • The danger of cognitive biases. [16:39]
  • Should abortion be legal? [18:05]
  • Equal opportunity and government welfare. [19:35]
  • The information war that’s happening right now. [22:27]
  • Freedom of speech and censorship. [24:14]
  • Racism and the police. [30:10]
  • Solving gun violence. [43:30]
  • Finding enemies in political discourse and disagreements. [52:51]
  • Can equality feel like oppression? [01:02:43]
  • Understanding the differences between people. [01:07:27]
  • Prejudice and assumptions. [01:15:57]
  • We get taught societally what’s okay and what isn’t. [01:23:10]
  • Awareness and the willingness to be aware. [01:25:13]
  • Self-care, taking care of your needs and the importance of resiliency in creating lasting success. [01:31:59]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:36:48]


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