29. Brad Costanzo | The Ultimate Strategist
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Brad Costanzo is one of the most highly sought business consultants, a serial entrepreneur, and advisor to business owners, executives and a celebrity or two. He has been described as a "powerful catalyst who brings innovation, clarity and brilliance to business challenges."

He is the CEO of Costanzo Marketing Group, principle of Costanzo Capital and host of the award winning podcast "Bacon Wrapped Business" where he uncovers what's working now with some of the top business experts in the world.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Brad, their friendship and the topic of today’s episode. [00:13]
  • Arman and Brad talk about how they met. [07:33]
  • Arman shares the story of Brad being an ultimate strategist. [08:26]
  • Losing clients amidst Covid and the upside of that. [10:24]
  • Strategic thinking, ideation and pivoting in today’s economy. [11:24]
  • Are ideas worthless without execution? [12:16]
  • The ice pirate framework. [14:10]
  • Averaging out the pirate metrics with the ice metrics. [16:54]
  • Are you asking the correct question for the problem you’re facing? [17:42]
  • Allowing space for the ideation of thought. [22:07]
  • When a problem/outcome is defined incorrectly. [23:48]
  • The process Walt Disney used during the great depression while he was building out the company. [24:34]
  • Imagining the impossible to be possible. [27:48]
  • Organizing book notes and getting the most out of it. [38:17]
  • Arman talks about Richard Feynman in the context of metalearning.  [38:46]
  • Trivium and classical education. [39:52]
  • Integrate insights better by teaching it. [41:30]
  • Effective execution. [42:06]
  • Predisposition towards strategy. [44:10]
  • Insatiable curiosity of things and how they work. [44:41]
  • Arman talks about work being a reflection of our personality. [45:06]
  • Brad talks about playing to his strengths and his desire to solve fun problems. [47:14]
  • What it’s like to be a strategic hitman. [48:10]
  • The ability to jump from project to project and the importance of starting your day in a way that makes you feel good. [50:34]
  • What are ways to stand out in a crowded market? [53:21]
  • Social proof and demonstrable results. [54:26]
  • Building goodwill in the marketplace. [55:18]
  • What makes Superman interesting? [58:35]
  • What Daniel Craig is missing as 007? [01:00:13]
  • Different ways to be interesting. [01:01:04]
  • The epiphanies that the 4-Hour Workweek book gave Brad and the power of epiphanies. [01:02:55]
  • Reframing problems and seeing the opportunities in them. [01:07:13]
  • Where is the podcast industry headed? [01:09:05]
  • How to get a return on investment in your podcast through access and influence. [01:12:20]
  • Using a podcast to open doors. [01:14:10]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:13:30]


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