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Anyone Can Be a DIY Investor Using the Tax-Efficient Waterfall - Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez
Jun 8, 2020 · 1 hr 3 min
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Episode 08 - Have you ever wanted to be a DIY investor but you just didn't know where to start?  It's not that hard.  All you need is a plan!

The tax-efficient waterfall investing strategy is a great roadmap that can turn any financial novice into a DIY investor in 8 easy steps.  This is a super-simple but incredibly powerful investing strategy.  Any would-be DIY investor should have no trouble getting great returns using these few very simple steps.

Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez is an author, blogger, and owner of Aptus Financial.  She has a great head for strategy and a heart for service.  If you think becoming a DIY investor is beyond your reach, think again!!  Let Sarah-Catherine show you how it's done!!

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- Financial planning company: Aptus Financial

- Buy the book!!: But First, Save 10: The One Simple Money Move that Will Change Your Life


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9 Easy Steps to Building a Great Investing Strategy Using the Tax-Efficient Waterfall: click here.

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