Heart of Adventure
Heart of Adventure
Jul 27, 2021
HoA Ep.28 - A Fear Overcome
Play • 52 min

After our heroes successfully recovered Rizbul from his prison and returned to the raft nest to discuss their next steps with the Sanction, they have begun making their way east to the Cave of Lightning. It is here that the party finds hope in discovering the mysterious "Sovereign Glue" that can aid in fixing Dipple's legs. On the way, they also hope to discover crossing into a realm known as the Feywild, a mirror dimension to their own where time works weirdly, and everything is lush and green. It is in this odd place that they believe their ticket back to Drailea and finally stopping Theodosin once and for all exists, but first, they must deal with the dangers along their path, and Thoradin must pull himself together and kill a few Wyverns!

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