EP 63: Resist Temptation – Minimise Distraction
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“The most scarce resource in the world today is attention” – Yuval Noah Harari 


The only 2 industries that refer to customers as “users” are Big Tech and drug cartels.

We live in an increasingly technology-fuelled Garden of Eden – an attention economy where the most sophisticated dark forces are constantly, covertly intent at work to distract you.

If time is your most precious asset as a leader, then saving and spending it wisely becomes paramount.

Your old biological defences are hardly sea-worthy any longer and in this age of fierce clandestine competition for your attention, you’re gonna need a bigger boat (or at least a better way to navigate!) to stay afloat.



Insights include:

-What happens when ancient human biology collides with 21st century technology

-Living in a state of Continuous Partial Attention

-The recipe for Deep Work

-Navigating the Struggle phase towards a state of Flow

-Why Multi-Tasking is a myth

-The 2 Fundamentals to combat Distraction



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