EP 50: Leadership Manifesto: Principle #21 - Choose Consciously and Wisely
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“In every situation there is a space between the situation and how you respond”. Viktor Frankl  


Think about this : The quality and situation of your life right now is the aggregate total of every decision you have ever made. Luck certainly plays a part - and there have been many “sliding doors” moments I’m sure, but ultimately, it is not what happened in those moments, but rather how you responded to what happened in those moments that made the difference. 


No leader sets out to be a bad leader. Yet there are many bad leaders. And they are bad because of the accumulation of choices they made in the moment – unconsciously – that lead to the wrong outcome or impact. And the pattern continually repeats itself, unless or until it is corrected.


Insights include:

  • Decisions : Conflict between your Rational and Emotional self
  • How we self-sabotage without realising it
  • Why Self-Awareness is critical as a leader
  • How to make better, conscious decisions in the moment
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