EP 45: Finding Flow in Chaos
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Last month saw the passing of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow – the seminal work that describes the human state of happiness, optimal experience and high performance. The book (and his research) has subsequently influenced everything from office design, to how to train soldiers, website and video game design amongst everything else. In this episode, I commemorate the author by synthesizing the essence of his work (in less than 15 minutes!) and describing how the Flow state is an absolute panacea for the 3 symptoms of our present COVID “hangover”.


Insights include:

  • Why finding Flow is at the very heart of Leadership
  • What is the Flow state?
  • Why enterprise became interested and what it discovered
  • The conditions you need to know as a Leader to create Flow
  • How Flow is a panacea for the 3 symptoms of our pandemic hangover
  • Flow’s naughty neighbours : Boredom & Anxiety


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