EP 15: Mid-Term Report Leadership Insights in Chaos
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On this episode we cover some interesting insights from our last 15 episodes and polls from our leadership in chaos webinars.

Throughout the past 14 weeks, since the start of Lockdown, we at Flow group have consistently polled our clients through our live webinars on their leadership experience to date.
From all the data….Below are 6 Responses & 4 Conclusions I thought particularly worth sharing…

1. 95% of leaders report their organisation is suffering
2. 95% believe there is more pain still to come

(Conclusion #1:  This isn’t over yet…)

3. 95% believe they are “leading their people well at this stage”…
4. … whilst just 65% believe they are being “well-led” by their leaders

(Conclusion #2:  This 30% differential represents the “Intention/Impact” Gap. Nobody intends to be an average leader, but we are not judged on our good intentions–only our impact)

5. By far the greatest doubt expressed by leaders consistently is in response to the question “My people are asking for what they really need”

(Conclusion #3:  The biggest people challenge for leaders is to get past the diplomatic answer to understand what’s really going on for their people)

6. 50:50 is the divide between those aching to get back to the office Vs those wanting to remain working remotely.

(Conclusion #4: Going Back might be even trickier than Getting Out)

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