Nate The Hate
Nate The Hate
Jan 12, 2021
New Nintendo Switch Surprise & Exciting Facts on Nintendo Switch Pro Datamine Leaks
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Nintendo and the Switch Pro is going to be an on-going conversation throughout much of 2021 & a recent datamine leak has found its way to the discussion spotlight. Does the datamined information shed light on the Switch Pro? Or is there more to the story? We explore the numerous options the development profile may represent & come to a number of exciting conclusions.  

This Week In Videogames
This Week In Videogames
Skill Up
Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Anthem
Elden Ring is here (sort of), there's a new open world Pokemon in the works and it looks NOT GREAT, and the guillotine falls for Anthem a second and final time. -- Check out 'This Week In Videogames' wherever you get your podcasts: Apple: Google: Spotify: Stitcher: -- Skill Up Gaming Facebook Page! Twitter: (@skillupyt) Instagram: Join us on the community Discord: -- Edited by Austin @ausomehd -- Vids I mentioned: Breathedge review: Outriders impressions: Remnant: From The Ashes review: Wizfish's Curse of the Dead Gods review: Elden Ring: Anthem: Dragon Age: Mass Effect TV: Falia: Terraria: Kojima: Pokemon: Returnal: Knockout City: Sifu: Solar Ash: Oddworld Soulstorm: Kena: Bridge of Spirits: Deathloop:
17 min
Player One Podcast
Player One Podcast
Player One Podcast
747: I’m Not Watching Citizen Kane
This week! Sony announces PSVR for PS5, closes Japan Studio, delays Gran Turismo 7, gives away Ratchet, and holds a State of Play. Plus Ghost N Goblins Resurrection, more Bowser’s Fury (spoilers in Greg’s WBP chapter), and much, much more. Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: * Citizen Kane * Japan Studio closing * Sony announces PSVR for PS5 * Ratchet & Clank to be free March 1 * Final Fantasy VII Remake free with Gold in March * Gran Turismo 7 delayed to 2022 * State of Play Recap * Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection * Digital Foundry’s look at Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection * Whoopee Camp * Tomba! * Animal Crossing New Horizons * Outriders * Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury * Ultraman * Mazinger Z * Spectreman * Godzilla * Robotech * Voltron * Speed Racer * UHF Channel 50 Chicago * Samurai Sunday * Gamera Guardian of the Universe * Mr Boogedy * John Astin * John Astin Reads The Raven * * Greg Sewart’s Extra Life Page * The Player One Podcast t-shirt * The Player One Podcast mug * ResetEra Player One Podcast Topic * Player One Podcast Discord * Greg Streams on Twitch * Astro City Mini - Generation 16 Special Episode * Add us in Apple Podcasts Check out Greg's web series Generation 16 - click here. And take a trip over to Phil's YouTube Channel to see some awesome retro game vids. Follow us on twitter at Thanks for listening! Don't forget to visit our new web site at Running time: 1:34:25
1 hr 34 min
ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast
ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast
Jeremy Penter
Final Fantasy, Outriders, Pokemon, Event Hype, and your questions! Live now! #235
Final Fantasy, Outriders, Pokemon, event hype, and your questions! Live now!  #235 #acgpodcast #acg Amazon Affiliate link. Using this helps ACG USA Watchers If you love me come to the patron! Spotify Tunein Radio Itunes Subscribe to ACG Subscribe for more reviews Follow me on twitter My Amazon Affiliate link. Using this helps ACG USA Watchers My Patreon ACG Podcast Links Spotify Itunes Anchor Tunein Radio 👉 More PC Game Reviews 👈 👉 More Console Game Reviews 👈 Patron - Merch 👉 👈 👉 👈 👉 👈 👉 👈 Social Stuff & Reddit 👉 Subreddit: 👉 My Twitter: 👉 Podcasts on Googleplay 👉 My Itunes: I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don't discuss all the game, this is the right place. No big website 2 minute stuff here. Coverage includes ps4, xbox one, pc, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy upon release. Integrity Statement* Any game code supplied by PR/Dev is purchased again upon its release and given away to Patrons. No game is reviewed for free and no sponsorships for game reviews taken. My money is on the line just like everyone's. #trending --- Support this podcast:
2 hr 32 min
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