Episode 071 - Derin Oyekan - Reel Paper, Building A Business With Purpose
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In this episode I get into some “real” everyday problems.  Something every single one of us uses every day…  Any guesses?  I get into some real talk with CMO and Co-Founder of Reel Paper, Derin Oyekan! 

Reel Paper is an eco-friendly, 100% Bamboo toilet paper subscription service.  Deemed an essential business, Derin and the folks at Reel Paper are always busy, But probably more than usual after the record breaking toilet paper industry spike at the start of covid.

Reel Paper co-founder and CMO, Derin Oyekan, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. His early life experiences inspired the multi-faceted giveback that Reel Paper now provides with every sale of their 100% bamboo toilet paper.

Today, Derin and Reel Paper give back, which is a huge part of their why.  Seeing first hand in his home country of Nigeria, what not having bathroom essentials can do is a big driver in Derin starting his company along with Livio Bisterzo.  

Reel Paper wasn't the first to market for either toilet paper or eco-friendly toilet paper, yet today, Reel Paper is making a real difference.  Sorry, these puns are just too easy.  

Just over a year and old, and Reel Paper, now makes the most sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper on the market.

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Guest Links:
The most frequently asked question Derin get from his customers: "Where is you product made?"
Who he would hire as his mentor/coach: Tim Ferriss
His favorite book: Tools of Titans
The most influential person Derin knows in the subscription box industry: SUBTA Founders (Paul Chambers, John Haji, Christopher George)
His favorite social media platform: LinkedIn
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reelpaper/
Website: https://reelpaper.com/

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