Sales Expert Michael Bosworth on Top Things Great Salespeople Do: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 93
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What are the secrets to successful selling? In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, sales expert and author Michael Bosworth talks about how emotional connection, the power of story, and building trust between people can impact your bottom line and make your business more successful.

Michael is a sales expert, entrepreneur, and the author of 3 books that can help you become a better leader. He’s the founder of Story Seekers, a human-to-human communications framework that is built on the philosophy of understanding and connecting before influencing or moving others into action.

It’s hard to achieve great results for your organization’s sales, marketing, and customer experience. But if you build a framework that helps you connect and build trust with your team and customers, your business can thrive because of it.

Among other things, Michael and Steve discussed:

  • Michael’s back story and why he became a salesperson 
  • The power of having a good story behind your product/service
  • Why emotional connection and trust are so important 
  • The best sales tips from his book: What Great Salespeople Do
  • Scale your business by having Buying Facilitators instead of Salespeople
  • The importance of creating curiosity for your customers 
  • How making your customer the hero can help your organization succeed and stand out

You can learn more about Michael here:

Follow Michael on LinkedIn 

You can learn more about Story Seekers here:

Read the books mentioned in this podcast:

The Golden Toilet by Steve Brown

What Great Salespeople Do by Michael Bosworth

Customer Centric Selling  by Michael Bosworth

Solution Selling  by Michael Bosworth

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