Emotional fuel-- reach your goals more effectively and efficiently
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Hey friends! 

Ok, this is something you've probably not given much thought to (I know I hadn't) when it comes to your current health and fitness goals... you ready for it?!

It's your feelings. Well, your emotions. But basically the same thing. 

Did you know that the overarching feeling you have right now about your goal or yourself will be exactly what you feel when you reach your goal? 

Yep, that's right. If you feel anxious, disappointed, or insecure right here, right now, you will STILL feel anxious, disappointed, and insecure when you reach the goal--I especially see this with the women I work with around their weight/ body's. 

They think (and I once did too) that if they were just 15 pounds lighter, or could tone up a bit, then they would feel more confident. 

But that is not how it works.

Because, what you feel now, is what you will feel once you get to your goal. And often times, just more magnified. 

So, if you truly do want to feel happy and confident and secure in you and your body. You have to change the emotional fuel that is fueling your goals. And that is what I show you how to do in today's episode.

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